Create healthier alternatives to your favorite fried foods.
Opt for cooking methods that use little or no fat such as steaming, grilling, baking, popping, boiling or roasting. You can still make these items taste great with the right seasoning. Have a weakness for fried chicken? Instead try this recipe that is in my book, The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook, for Almond Crusted Chicken Breast. Take skinless chicken breast cutlets and cover them in a delicious almond, rosemary and lemon zest paste, then bake. You’ll get the same great taste, but with half the calories and fat.

Too much of a good thing can actually be bad.
Everyone loves to tell you that healthy fats like avocados and extra virgin olive oil are good for you, but they require portion control like everything else. Eat no more than 6-8 teaspoons of fats and vegetable oil per day.

Keep eating – yes, I said it!
Eat three balanced meals a day every four hours with a snack in between lunch and dinner. Curb cravings with tasty snacks such as spice roasted almonds (this recipe is also in my cookbook!), veggies and organic hummus, or deviled organic eggs with a little vegan mayo. Fresh salsa is another great option but remember not to dip with fried crisps. Opt for crudites or low calorie snacks like Popchips ( instead – you’ll save a lot of fat and calories, but you won’t sacrifice taste. Just because it’s not fried, doesn’t mean it’s not delicious! 

Popchips have less than half the fat of fried crisps – the entire bag has less than 100 calories, and no trans fats! Flavours include BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Salt and Pepper and Thai Sweet Chilli.

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