As the weeks go by it’s getting easier to stop myself reaching for sugary and fatty foods. It has taken a few weeks for me to stop looking at unhealthy food as a ‘treat’. I’ve always made sure food way not a reward for my daughter, as I know it’s a bad habit to get in to. I would avoid the temptation to say things like “If you are good you can have a sweet or chocolate”. So I was shocked when I realised I do it to myself! If I had eaten healthily for four or five days, then I’d reward myself with rubbish foods as a treat. My new reward is to slip my skinny jeans on or treat myself to a shopping trip to try on clothes that no longer make me feel and look frumpy and bumpy!

I have changed my exercise routine this week, to give my body a bit of a shock. This way I make sure I am burning maximum calories and getting fitter. My husband Mark has been great this week again, pushing me hard with intense training, doing kettle bells and core training. I have really appreciated having a buddy to train with; it makes it more fun and as we are both competitive it really pushes me. Also Mark never deflates my efforts when I’m struggling – he encourages me and doesn’t let me push myself too hard when I am obviously tiring. I obviously know what exercise I should be doing and for how long I should be doing it, but without Mark there I’m more likely to cheat.

People are now starting to mention that I look well and have asked if I have lost weight. Davina told me my bum was looking great when we trained this week, which made my day!

I’m definitely feeling better emotionally and have started to talk about my loss to people without getting so upset and having that dreadful, knotted feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’m also going to have a chat with a nutritionist next week about the best eating plan for woman of my age – so tune in!

Lots of love,

Jackie x