1. Make fitness fun 
Listen to music or run with your partner or a friend. I sometimes run with Frank and we just sort of chat. Frank’s naturally very sporty and competitive. Although he does slow down for me, he still runs pretty fast, so I have to speed up to keep up with him. It’s good because he pushes me.

2. Don’t obsess over the scales
I don’t think you should obsess too much about what your scales say. I can always tell just by putting my jeans on if I’ve had a hefty weekend. The numbers on the scales can really ruin your day, so I just like to go by what my clothes say.

3. Don’t choose the easy option
Plyometrics, such as the jumping sequences you’ll find on my DVD, are excellent for the legs and bum. They aren’t the easiest, but if you want results, you just have to do them. You have to be prepared to put the time in and, within just a few sessions, you’ll see a massive amount of difference.

4. Re-energise  
Take a walk in the evening. Wrap up warm and switch your phone to silent. You’ll come home feeling fresh, clear-headed and ready for a good night’s sleep. And it’s such a simple thing to do.

 5. Eat little and often   
Have a big breakfast, then ease off during the day. I like to eat little and often, so it’s good to have a little something in your bag like a banana and some nuts. I hate feeling hungry.

6. My inspiration   
My body inspiration has to be Penélope Cruz. I really love her curvaceous look. But I also admire athletic-looking women such as Cameron Diaz

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